The part Policy gives the information about the method we gather, obtain and use all information and services on this site.

When you are at our website, you accept all rules and conditions realized in the Policy, and we can change them sometimes. So, all the time when you use paperjedi.com you agree with gathering and using the facts that you offer.

We gather, note and work with information that is related to any category from following ones:

  • data about your visits to us, your acts on the website;
  • geographical location;
  • operating system;
  • browser;
  • source of information;
  • visit period;
  • number of visited pages;
  • pages you have required by your browser.

How We Use Cookies

Our website can collect data about your using Internet in general with cookies. If they are used, cookies are downloaded automatically to your device. A cookie is a file that is situated on your hard disk by a server of every visited page. Cookies are not used for installing programs or to send a virus to your computer. Cookies are assigned just a particular customer and could be written by a web browser in the domain that cookie gave to you. We use cookies that help to indicate your life on the internet.

Paperjedi.com can collect the information about your IP address, internal session, your domain, browser, website’s domain. This is needed to identify your person – all statistical data about our customers and your acts on the website. Such a statistical data can’t identify your personal details.

Cookies are needed to offer the useful feature for the customer and save your time. The main purpose of it is telling the server that you come back to the particular page. For instance, when you personalize this page or register on paperjedi.com, then a cookie helps us to remember your personal information for the next time. This option simplifies the recording process of your personal data. So, when you come back to paperjedi.com, all your information will be retrieved and you can easily use features of paperjedi that you have already customized.

You have the opportunity to accept or decline cookies. Actually, most browsers accept this option automatically, but if you want you may change your browser setting and decline cookies. Be ready, if you decline cookies, then all interactive features of paperjedi.com can be unavailable for you.

Third party links that are provided on paperjedi.com can also use cookies, but we can’t control them. These cookies will be downloaded after you click on the window on our website.

Until you use our site we work with your information in following ways:

  1. your IP address helps to identify the language of your country and we demonstrate the site in your native language. If in the period when you use our website the language version matching to your country is not available, then you will see the pages in English.
  2.        all processes concerning working with your personal data are being only during your visit to the site. We don’t save and collect data for other purposes except the noted previously, and we do not keep any information about your IP address.

Information about Payment

We promise to do all acts to protect your personal data, any unauthorized access, use, and disclosure are impossible. We work only with protected connections clients with security protocols – SSL, thus we can protect your credit card information and so on that you would like to save.

We give information about payment such as name, address, information on settlement account and credit card to provide some services of our website. We use this data just for billing goals, to receive and control the payment process. Our Server does not store any data concerning your credit card and we do not write off bankroll automatically.

We work only with following information that you give us while communicating with the feedback form that is on our site to respond better to your request:

  • name,
  • e-mail,
  • your messages that you give to us.

Distribution and sharing of information

Paperjedi.com can move your personal data and given content that gathers from the client to the general server to process and store. When you give your personal information you agree with this act. Paperjedi.com does everything possible to make sure that your information is safe without any loss, wrong use of data and agreement with our Privacy Policy. Paperjedi.com saves the data you share on the server in a protected environment, secured from unauthorized access, acts or disclosure.

To save your privacy and security, we propose also few reasonable steps to identify your person, for instance, a password, client ID, before the access to your data will be granted.

You can terminate your account at our site when you want; your data can be stored in archive on the server after the termination of your account as well. But we won’t sell, send or use this information that is related to a closed account of a personality somehow.

When you leave the testimonial you agree that we will use it related to your account without any marketing purposes. Also, we can place your testimonials on the site paperjedi.com.

If you afraid that your words can harm your profile you can contact our support team at any time and ask to block or delete your review.

The moving of information on the internet is not secure totally, so paperjedi.com cannot guarantee the full security of information that you send us electronically. Any transmission of your information is your own risk.

Paperjedi.com has the right to show the personal data or user legally or with the court decision.

We save your data in this way:

  • we do everything possible to ensure the safety of your data that is needed for good functioning of our website on our protected servers;
  • you have a responsibility for keeping the privacy of your passwords and the protection of your keys saved on your computer.

Other websites:

On our site, you can sometimes meet links to other resources. When you follow them, keep in mind that they have own privacy policies and we are not responsible for their acts and obligations. So check carefully other websites before transferring your personal data there.

Information access:

Our site does not have the rights to use your personal data from your personal device.

How we do work with advertisers:

We cannot display your information to our advertisers, but we can offer the general information about our clients to demonstrate the characteristics of the target audience.

Also, we may use general information to help the advertisers to attract more people.

You may agree to receive emails or SMS from our partners with advertisements, however, you can unsubscribe when you want just by sending them an email with your asking or by using the company’s website or the software designed by a website.

Privacy Policy changes:

Sometimes we can change our Privacy Policy. We have the opportunity to update or transform this Privacy Policy or other policies and processes when we need with or without your notice. But we won’t use your personal data in any way that completely differs from this Policy without your possibility to delete such use. We show this Policy on the site, thus every user can know what information is collected, how it is used and in which ways it can be shown. You have to agree to re-read the policy from time to time and being updated. Your next steps on this website mean that you agree with all changes and conditions of our Policy. If you do not agree, then leave our website or services.

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